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Our they strong enough for cattle?  

Universal feeders are been used in The Kimberly’s on station cattle with no problems

What is the coating? 

275 grams of zinc on the sheets , bases is hot dipped galvanized

Can they be lifted with grain in them?    

Yes designed to do this but to be done with caution

Can I skid tow the feeder?  

Yes , when empty can safely to behind vehicles at slow speeds

Are the feeders strong? 

To our knowledge we have the strongest lick feeder on the market

How many livestock can one feeder support?

With no other nutrients available a single Universal Feeder can support:

  • 150 Sheep
  • 25 Cattle
  • 140 Ewes with lamb at foot

With supplementary nutrition available in the paddock, a single Universale Feeder can support

  • 170 Sheep
  • 35 Cattle
  • 160 Ewes with lamb at foot


All Universal Feeders products are innovative in their design and built strong so that they will last and last through many years and many tough jobs.

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